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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Working all weekend hard

Just for this weekend!!! Doing 15 minute cam shows for 50 dollars. Thats 25 dollars cheaper then the sites I work for. Also got worn gear, online training,  and muscle worship available by appointment with deposit date and time. Contact info is  and my skype username is Frankmuscledefeo . Hope everyone having a great weekend . Pixs are how I look now

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

Another day on the Longport NJ Jetty after fishing. Hope everyone having a nice Holiday. Also check out my wish list if you want to get me something.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Booking Muscle worship in Philly and NJ

Hit me up for muscle worship $500 per hour or 2000 for 8 to 12 hours(NYC) or (DC) add $200 for travel .All Booking require $100 deposit.Worn socks or under wear $100 dollars with 5 pixs with them on me  and shipping.  Web cam $25 dollars for 5 minute,  $50 dollars  for 12 minutes , or $100 dollars for 25 minutes. Email is or my cell 609-369-6824 do not call from block number .If u text me send me details of what your looking for

Friday, July 22, 2016

Ok day Gone good

So I had a muscle worship this weekend before my fishing tournament and it started my weekend off pretty damn good.     I wasn't in the best mood n this guy was begging for abuse n degradation from this big alpha male.    After making him feel like a little bitch I pissed all over him few times before I was done n he was in his glory and my mood was lot better!!  Lol.  
So I woke up at the crack of dawn next day to head out in the boat to fish for the tournament.    It ended up being a slow day not many fish big enough to win so I headed home n checked my email on the way to find out that my night was gonna be a whole lot better!! Lol
One of my dirty little sluts I used to fuck the shit out of flew in that day and would be at my house by the time I got there.     
My cock was rock hard the whole way home thinking about slamming it  straight into that filthy whores ass the minute I got there!   
When I pulled up I walked up to the door to see my nasty slut on my deck with her tongue shoved up another sluts pussy.
She turned to me with a sexy little smirk n before she could get one word out I ripped her tiny llittle skirt off n shoved my raging fat cock so deep in that slutty pussy right outside my front door.    
After a few minutes  I opened the door n grabbed a slut in each arm kicked the door shut n carried their horny asses upstairs threw them on
My bed and had to feel this new pussy I never had before.      These two came ready for a night with this big hard cock for sure!    They never stopped until I had enough.     
One mouth sucked my cock down her throat while the other slid her tongue in n out of my asshole until I was ready to explode then took turns riding this cock cumming all over it then just as I was about to blow my load they both slid their tongues on either sides of my cock sharing my massive hot load shooting all over their faces n down their throats.      
The hottest part was how they fed each other the leftovers off their faces.       
So after that hot night I wasn't expecting I wasn't so pissed about the bad day fishing.
Thank god for horny sluts!!!!     Lol lol     
Made my night!
Will be on web cam tomrrow morning click on this link to see me in person

Thursday, July 14, 2016

9pm till midnite cam

So ive been up for over 24hrs now flexing and jerking my big cock for all new fans. Only took couple breaks to eat little food n stick my dick in a few warm holes.
Just finished watching few fireworks n back on web cam for while longer.
C u there

Will be back online on web cam at 9pm click on this link to see me then

Also doing skype shows which u can buy on my web site under web cam . Username Frankmuscledefeo . Pix is how i look now

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fun weekend

So this weekend was a blast.   I started out on a fishing trip with some friends but it didn't take long before those plans changed.  
We stopped at a bar for lunch and found a few hot little group of sluts ripe for picking!!  
All it took was me walking up to their table no shirt all hot n sweaty and they were all for coming with us for a ride.   Lol
Needless to say they all took a ride on this fat cock..
Three hot slutty asses in my face  
I had a taste of all three before I  sent two over to my boys to play with.. 
I took my pick and fucked that slut all over that boat until my balls had nothing left.
Link to see me on web cam tomorrow at 8pm